The World is Your Wanderland is for…

~ everyday travellers — you’re neither a travel snob or a travel slob
~ part-time leisure-seekers / part-time culture hunters / part-time spontaneous tripsters
~ people who look to travel as a way to enhance their life

The World is Your Wanderland is about YOU.Paper Plane with Solid Line Trailing After It

I want you to see more, do more and experience more by travelling. Whether you’re the kind of person who flies from country to country to get your travel fix or you prefer to holiday at home — The World is Your Wanderland is here to help you travel more.

Kickstart your next trip with a bit of inspiration, read a story or two, check out some of my travel tips or just grab a deal as soon as it lands (I’ll be hunting these down and sharing on Facebook).

TWIYW FaviconOk… but who’s the chick in the sombrero?

That’s me, Erin. I’m the one who wants you to get those feels that come with travelling: the pang of wanderlust when you want to be “anywhere but here”, the giddy AF feeling when you start a holiday, the exhilaration of booking a return flight for less than a week’s rent.

I’ve watched ducks walk a red carpet in Memphis, sipped kava on an island in Vanuatu, pulled pints out woop woop in London, and spent a whole lot of time at the beaches on the Gold Coast. I’m a wanderer, not a full-time nomad.

Paper Plane with Solid Line Trailing After It

If you’re looking for industry cred, I spent eight fan-bloody-tastic years at Wotif Group (wotif.com, lastminute.com.au read my blog posts) on a journey that took me from Call Centre > Hotel Support > User Experience & Innovation.

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