7 Travel Hacks You Need to Know

trav·el hack
Clever solution to a travel-related problem

The last thing you need when you’re packing for a holiday is drama (save that for the airport when you’re trying to swing a free upgrade). These genius travel hacks were game changers for me and I hope they make your life that bit more wanderful.

Travel Organiser

Protect your iPad and keep all your little bits and pieces in place with a GRID-IT!® Organizer. The neoprene sleeve has enough space for your tablet as well as a small notebook or travel guide. The rubberised elastics control clutter and can be configured to hold your adapters, iPod and other travel essentials however you like.

Power Board with Four Plugs

Travelling with a number of gadgets is pretty much a given these days and when you’re with a group of people, that number multiplies. Be a hero and pack a power board. You can juice up multiple devices at once and best of all, you only need to shell out for one travel adapter to plug into the wall.

Nike shoes in a shower cap

Put your shoes in a shower cap. Those freebies from the hotel come in handy to keep your dirty / sandy footwear from mingling with the other stuff you’ve packed in your luggage.

Inflatable Arm Floatie Around a Bottle of Wine

Ever been on a winery tour or picked up a souvenir bottle of booze, only to have your prized purchase smash on the journey home? I have and it took days for me to get over it. The solution? Transport your vino safely in padded comfort with arm floaties. I got mine from a discount store for $2 a pack.

Pillow Case
Pack a pillowcase. It can be used as:
a) A laundry bag. Keep your clean clothes clean and your stinky stuff contained.
b) A makeshift travel pillow. Stuff it with your jacket and excess clothing to save room in your carry-on.
c) A pillowcase (gasp!). A good back-up when the one provided at your accommodation isn’t so nice.

Box of Fluffy Brand Dryer Sheets
Throw some dryer sheets in your suitcase to keep everything smelling super fresh. Rolled into balls, these odour-busting wonders can also be used to deoderise your shoes in transit. You can even tame frizzy hair by running a dryer sheet over your unruly mane. Find them in the laundry aisle at the supermarket.

Folded Black Bag on a Colourful Background
Save big bucks with a folding bag. How? Go light on luggage and stash a folded travel bag in your carry-on on the way to your destination. Shop up a storm, whip out your little friend and tadaaaa, you’ve got a duffle bag for the flight home. It’s also a great back-up in case there are issues with your regular suitcase.

Header image credit | buso23 via Bigstock.com

Have your own awesome travel hacks? Go ahead, share them in the Comments section below.

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