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5 Incredible Activities to Put on Your Travel Radar

What’s one of the first things you do after booking a holiday?

Try and figure out how to fund said holiday? Scramble to block out your annual leave?  Me, I go straight to Google and search for “things to do in X”.

It’s usually pretty easy to come up with a list of “must see” attractions, museums, popular places to eat, yadda yadda. But what if you’re looking for an experience that’s hard to find anywhere else?

Don’t settle for ordinary, people! Here are 5 awesomely unique things to do around the world to get your travel inspiration flowing.

Paddle over shipwrecks in a transparent kayak (Moreton Island, Australia)

translucent kayak

Image | Brisbane Marketing & Australian Sunset Safaris

The Tangalooma Wrecks are home to 15 sunken ships you can explore from above. Sunset Safaris offers guided tours where you can cruise over the rusting hulls and get a sneak peek at life under water through the bottom of a see-through kayak. Moreton Island is a hotspot for dolphins, Loggerhead Turtles and dugongs so there are heaps of things to look out for amongst the kaleidoscope of coral and schools of colourful fish.

Jump around… underground (Blaenau Ffestiniog, Wales)

Admitting I’m a Geordie Shore tragic might drive away a few readers, but without those radge lads and lasses I never would have heard of Bounce Below.

Whack on a helmet, take a little walk down a darkened tunnel and then BAM! – you’re in the belly of an old slate mine. Six levels of bouncy nets are suspended from the walls and ceiling, LED lights give everything a technicolour glow, and bridge-like walkways and massive metal slides connect the trampolines.

Image | Zip World UK

Swim with pigs in the Bahamas (Exuma, Bahamas)

Take a trip to the uninhabited island of Big Major Cay and get up close and personal with these wild, but friendly, porkers. The resident swine have gained some serious celebrity status of late but they still have time for visitors – especially if you bring food.

Beware of people fakin’ the bacon. Book a legit tour to “Pig Beach” with an operator like Exuma Water Sports, listed on Bahamas.com.

Bathe in wine, green tea and sake (Hakone, Japan)

Far from a traditional Japanese onsen*, Yunessun Spa Resort has some special spas said to offer a range of therapeutic benefits (just in case you needed a reason to be bathing in beverages).

Take a dip in the Red Wine Baths full of antioxidants for radiant skin, relax in the Green Tea Spas to give your immune system a boost, then sit back in warm pool of Sake filled with anti-aging properties. There are around 25 attractions in all so you’re in for a heck of a day out.

NOTE: Yunessun Spa Resort is a no-go zone if you have any visible tattoos. Body art is still taboo in many parts of Japanese culture.

* a public bathing area with waters from surrounding hot springs

Go dog sledding in the Canadian Rockies (Canmore, Canada)

Ever thought mushing would be part of your winter break? Wind in your face, snow at your feet, a band of huskies towing you across the countryside…

Snowy Owl Sled Dog Tours teams you up with an experienced instructor and a group of powder-loving hounds to take you on a journey through scenic Bow Valley. Imagine riding the trails then settling around a campfire with a hot drink, chilling out with your new furry friends. Trips range from two-hour express tours to full-day adventures and overnight excursions. You can even drive your own sled!

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